We Drive Real Connections

We Drive Real Connections

Our Story

InMobi was conceptualized and born against all odds. A company based out of India tackling mobile in 2007 was no ordinary task. Venture Capital was hard to come by and investors frowned on internet companies from India. InMobi was founded in this opaque environment because its founders had foresight and the required passion to be able to disrupt an industry. Some of the world’s greatest innovations are always met with hostility and InMobi was no different.


Founded as mKhoj, an sms based search and monetization business in Mumbai, India

The 'boys with a PPT' - Naveen Tewari, Abhay Singhal, Amit Gupta and Mohit Saxena begin their entrepreneurial journey in Mumbai.


Grows from 8 to 50 people, in 4 offices across the globe

The Founders think big and capture nascent markets. The organization spreads to 4 offices across the globe.


mKhoj pivots to InMobi

The Founders quickly realise the immense potential in the mobile advertising business. The idea of InMobi is born with a vision to change the way advertisements are seen on mobile devices.


Expansion to Europe

By hiring the best local talent and a reinvigorated business model, InMobi expands to Europe


The InMobi Juggernaut enters USA

Key focus on the North America market drives the tech powerhouse to enter the biggest ad market and challenge status quo in the industry


KPCB & Sherpalo Ventures invest $8 Million in Series B funding

With nearly 20 VC rejections, Naveen flies to SF - it's a do or die for the fledgling enterpreneurial dream. After a 20-minute meeting with Ram Shriram of Sherpalo, the dream of creating a truly global Indian company is born.


CEO named as 50 Most Influential Executives in Mobile Content

Naveen features in an annual power list, based on an industry poll that includes business heads from global giants such as Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Google, among others.


Acquisition of Sprout

InMobi acquires Sprout, a company that offers an easy-to-use platform for building HTML5-based ads. The Sprout platform, which was later relaunched as InMobi Studio, helps create award-winning rich- media based immersive ad experiences on mobile devices for leading brands globally.


SoftBank invests $200MN in InMobi

India’s first B2B Unicorn company is born. SoftBank’s investment validates years of hardwork and the ability for the company to retain and acquire the best talent globally. SoftBank aimed to become the number 1 in Internet company in Asia with this investment in InMobi.


Acquisition of Overlay Media

Overlay Media are experts in context aware computing which help in providing personalized content to mobile users. The acquisition helps InMobi continue to be at the forefront of delivering highly engaging content to consumers globally.


Recognized on MIT Technology Review's 50 disruptive company's list

MIT recognises InMobi’s cutting edge technology by calling it out in its study of the most disruptive companies in the world. InMobi is the only Indian company to make the list. No other advertising company is mentioned world over.


Launch of the world’s largest Mobile Native Advertising Exchange powered by Rubicon Project

InMobi Exchange, a mobile programmatic buying and selling platform is the world’s first exchange to support buying mobile native ads at unprecedented global scale.


Launch of Native Ads Platform to redefine mobile ad experience for users

InMobi’s Native Ads platform allows app developers and mobile publishers to deliver an engaging, in-context, native ad experience to their end users.


Open-source launch of organization culture

InMobi’s culture becomes a subject of intrigue. The company spawns 40+ entrepreneurs in India. The founders impart their learnings that are based on three primary pillars for India’s startup ecosystem: Dream Big, Come Together Passionately and Take Ownership of your actions.


Reach of 1bn plus unique mobile devices

InMobi becomes the only mobile-first advertising platform to reach this landmark milestone. Reaching over a billion mobile devices significantly impacts the scale InMobi is able to provide to advertisers, brands and app developers.


Launch of Discovery Platform Miip

InMobi launches its revolutionary commerce product, Miip with the vision of creating personalized shopping experiences to enable discovery of products and services by nudging users to discover, buy and experience products and services.


Named no.15 on Fast Company's list of "The World’s Most Innovative Companies"

Fast Company recognises InMobi as one of the world’s most innovative companies in 2016, for making ads that people actually want to see.


InMobi becomes India’s second unicorn to hit profitability

InMobi turns profitable making it only the second Indian unicorn and one of the first major internet-based ventures in the country to do so.


Acquisition of AerServ

AerServ is the leading inventory and audience monetization technology for mobile publishers. Through this acquisition, InMobi becomes industry’s first mediation platform with a unified programmatic auction for mobile in-app publishers.


Named on 2018 CNBC Disruptor 50 List

InMobi earns a spot on the 2018 CNBC Disruptor 50 List, the sixth annual list of the most ambitious and innovative companies representing breakthrough ideas from all over the world.

The InMobi Culture

Our culture is our true north as we nurture all InMobians to maximize their potential by enabling them to think big, giving them complex challenges to solve and providing opportunities to grow. Together as a team, InMobians are passionate and driven, creative and fun loving, take ownership and are results focused. We are changing the world of mobile and with 20 diverse international offices, and chances are we're looking for someone just like you.

The InMobi Culture

Our Investors

InMobi Investors - SoftBank

SoftBank is a leading Internet company that aims to provide a range of services including mobile communications, broadband infrastructure, fixed-line telecommunications, internet culture, and others. SoftBank's corporate vision is to "Make people happy through information revolution," and it continuously strives to create synergies among various content and services within the Group. For more information, please refer to http://softbank.co.jp.

Sherpalo is a mentor capital firm that helps entrepreneurs to build leading, global businesses. It enables budding companies to develop into businesses that can grow from serving an emerging domestic market to serving the global consumer. Sherpalo invests in select companies and pushes entrepreneurs to define early and often the reasons why they believe they will be successful. They have invested in blue chip companies like Google, Amazon and Netscape.

InMobi Investors - Sherpalo
InMobi Investors - UC-RNT Fund

UC-RNT Fund is an alternative investment fund that partners RNT Associates (Ratan Tata) and the University of California. The fund invests in disruptive, technology-oriented businesses across the world and takes a long-term, founder-centric approach to investing, often relying on its propriety sourcing advantage. It partners closely with the office of the Chief Investment Officer of the Regents, University of California.