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UnifID is an innovative identity solution built for app developers

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Today’s Landscape Today’s Landscape

Today’s Landscape

With the restrictions on mobile advertising identifiers such as Apple IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers), app publishers and advertisers will look to move towards alternate IDs that are opt-in based, privacy compliant and can provide some amount of control back to the users. The rise of Universal ID providers has resulted in an ID ecosystem that is highly fragmented. In order to provide buyers with an acceptable identifier-based user at scale, publishers will have to integrate with multiple ID vendors, which presents several operational challenges.

What is UnifID and how does it work? What is UnifID and how does it work?

What is UnifID and how does it work?

UnifID is an industry-first identity solution built for app developers to simplify addressability and accelerate their monetization journey by integrating with multiple Universal ID vendors in just a few clicks.

The offering allows publishers to seamlessly integrate with multiple identity partners of their choice, while collecting user data and transferring corresponding Universal IDs (UIDs) to buyers looking to enhance their targeting capabilities. In a nutshell, UnifID is a one-stop-solution for in-app identity.

Benefits of InMobi’s UnifID

Increased monetization
Increased monetization
UnifID improves the addressability of consented users through UIDs, enabling demand partners to recognize users at scale and bid optimally
Increased monetization
Managed serve reporting
Access to detailed reports and in-depth analysis at impression level to optimize partners based on incremental revenue
Increased monetization
Be customer first
UnifID honours privacy regulations and user preferences, allowing publishers to drive privacy focused experiences for their consumers
Increased monetization
InMobi’s extensive publisher reach enables the scalable use of UIDs across the in-app ecosystem which will help influence buyers’ interest and drive higher marketing budgets across these UID based inventory
Increased monetization
No financial investment
Publishers can benefit from the seamless onboarding and collaboration with UID partners on UnifID at zero cost

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